Organising the Trip

Gosh – I’ve been very busy organising.

I have managed to get the 9 B&Bs I need to complete the ride all sorted. And because I am riding for charity and have promised them a review on the website they have all agreed not to charge me. So more funds for the charity pot.

I’ve also been looking at the route and trying to find any flaws using google maps. I have found a couple of errors so far: one directing me through someone’s house and another into the River Severn. So, despite my avowed intention of following the route no matter what, I have redirected around those obstacles!

Having been used to dry cycling for several months the rains have now come back. The evenings are drawing in and the temperature is dropping. All leaving me wondering what clothing to take. My current cycling wardrobe doesn’t included anything that is waterproof so I might need to remedy that. Or at least get wind proof so when I’m wet I don’t get too cold.

I also need to sort out red cross parcels to send to each B&B with my staple diet bars and powders for the each day’s riding….

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