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This book is not a step by step traditional route book: it is supported by an online series of Google maps and gpx files designed to guide you across the country from Land’s End to John O’Groats using a satellite navigation device, a smart phone or similar device that can navigate using gpx files. Links to all these electronic files are contained within the book, along with instructions on how to access them and adjust the route to meet your needs, if necessary.

Accommodation on or near the route has also been listed to assist your planning along with a list of bike repair shops that you may need in an emergency. The locations of these places as well as local food stores are saved on the Google Maps and the gpx files.

I have cycled End to End three times. With the safety of cyclists increasingly in the spotlight, I wanted to find and share a relatively safe route that was close to a straight line but used quiet roads, tracks and paths. After a year of researching and test riding, the result is a quiet route using mostly small roads and lanes and utilising cycle ways, old railway lines and canal tow paths where possible.

This route therefore does contain a small amount of off- road cycling which follows mainly old railway lines and canal paths through beautiful countryside. However, the surfaces range from tarmac through cinder to bare earth and grass and will be affected by weather conditions. I have ridden the route on a road bike (a Cube Agree GTC Pro with Schwelbe Marathon tyres) in October and June to show that it is a feasible route. However, if you only want to ride on tarmac or the weather is against you, then I have also given instructions on how you can make a detour to avoid these parts – both en route or planning ahead.

The route is designed to be used as a set of gpx files that are ready to go (download instructions in book). However, to add functionality and flexibility the book also contains instructions on how to amend or reverse the route to suit your exact requirements, e.g. to divert to your chosen accommodation or bypass a certain section. 

Google Map images of the route are set out in the body of the book. These are too small a scale to navigate by but are intended to give you a good visual representation of the route. They are only included as an accompaniment to the gpx routes. The book includes a link to a free PDF version where you can take advantage of active hyperlinks (to Google Maps etc.) with the ability to zoom in on the reproduced maps and pictures in colour.

Please make use of the Look Inside facility to see samples of the interior. Although the interior of the printed book is in black and white, as stated above you will be able to download a PDF version of the book in full colour for free (details in the book).

This self-help resource is designed to provide everything you need to map your End to End cycle safely – either following my route in its entirety or deviating from it to suit your requirements. It is part of a series of books I have written to complete this challenge successfully.

Back cover blurb:

When Royston Wood first cycled the length of the country, from John O’Groats to Land’s End, safety was not high on his agenda of concerns. He was more worried about getting through the ride in the allotted time than the traffic thundering past his shoulder. Luckily he made it, not only in time but alive. 

A few years later a brush with an articulated lorry popped his bubble of invulnerability. Shortly after news hit of the death of two cyclists riding from Land’s End to John O’Groats: cycling along one of the roads he had cycled along himself.

It was at that moment that Royston decided to try and find a safer way to cycle End to End. He set out to find a route that was close to a straight line but using roads, tracks and paths that were as quiet as possible.

The resultant route is designed to be used as a set of gpx files. This book provides accompanying information such as brief route descriptions and accommodation lists, together with details on how to download the gpx files.

Praise for the books

‘Beautifully written, informative, cracking sense of humour…a great read’

‘Factual, funny and a page turner. I have read many books on this subject and this is one of the best’

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