What will I need to take with me on my ride?

LEJOG Equipment Picture of Overloaded Bike

The equipment you will need to take on your Lands End to John O’Groats cycle ride will depend somewhat on the type of ride you are planning. If you are riding unsupported and want to travel light then your list will be different to a supported rider.  Again, if you wish to camp then you will have additional kit.

With this in mind it is not really possible for me to just provide a list of all the things you will need (although I have provided a list of everything that I took with me.

Instead I have compiled several pages about the types of equipment you should be carrying with details about the options open to you.  For instance, there are many types of bags that you could use but the choice of bag will be dependent on many factors including the type of bike you have, how much you need to carry, personal preference etc.

Here is a list of the separate equipment pages :

Note that there is currently no list for camping equipment.  This is because I have not camped on a cycle tour and do not feel in a position to give an opinion.  I am planning another end to end for next year when I hope to try some wild camping, so will update the equipment section at that point.Lands End to John O'Groats Cycle Route Guide Image of Man Lifting Page