Will You need to Take a Passport on Your End to End?

Today is the big day in Scotland.  Unless you have been visiting distant relatives in a galaxy far far away you cannot have failed to have noticed that today is the day that people living in Scotland get to vote whether they should remain as part of the UK.

One of the threats being wielded by the ‘no’ campaign is that the UK will set up border controls with Scotland if they vote for independence.  In fact one group of pranksters has already set such a spoof control up (link).

Spoof Border Control

Of course, another way of looking at it is that the end to end will no longer end/begin at John O’Groats.  If the idea it to cycle from one end of the UK to the other then it could soon end/begin at Berwick-Upon-Tweed, cutting the overall distance down to about 650 miles!If a border control is set up for real you will have to remember to carry your passport with you on your end to end if you want to get into (or out of) Scotland.

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