What am I Doing With my Life?

Alongside 95% of the working population I have decided I do not like my job.  This is not a new state of affairs and accounts for my varied CV:  chef, retail manager, office manager, solicitor, horticulturist, household executive in charge of future assets (house husband) and IT project manager. I would like to add to the list – author.

I guess I can, I have seven published books.  However, the children’s book that I would like to write more of are difficult to sell without a massive amount of social media activity, something I cannot find the time for.  Equally, it is hard to fit writing cycling books into an already full life.

What I need is to be able to concentrate on the writing full time.  But finances do not permit that, so I have devised a plan to help me limp towards my goal.  I will write one cycling book each year until I have enough revenue to make the jump.  Of course, there is not a lot of royalty to be had from book sales these days so it may take many years but the journey has to start somewhere and the plan is for it to start now.

In June I will set out on a one or two week ride and then write the experience up for publication, hopefully before Christmas.  Undecided about which route to tackle I have conducted a one question survey.  The options were: Lands End to John O’Groats via Ireland, Roscoff to Santander and a ride going through every county in England.  So far the results are very evenly split between the last two.

In my initial planning for the All Counties route I ordered a map of the Sustrans routes around the country.  I was intrigued to note that there was a route from Lowestoft to St David’s (the East and West extremities of the UK) that had large chunks traffic free.  At some point it may be interesting to try the route to see how feasible it is for a road bike.  Therefore, I have added the route to the survey question.

It would be really helpful to me if you clicked through to the survey and added your weight to the vote.

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