On a recent sportiff ride (Moor to Sea) I, along with everyone else, got thoroughly soaked.  This was fine until I stopped.  Within 5 minutes my teeth were chattering and I was shaking uncontrollably.  And it wasn’t really all that cold.

I normally wear a merino wool vest under my cycling tops because it retains warmth even when wet (although it does get heavy when soaked).  But, on lejog I will need to wash it every night and somehow dry it before morning, along with the rest of the kit. If there are no radiators on at the B&Bs I can’t see it happening so will have to start in a damp top.

The alternative is a techincal base layer which will dry as fast as the rest of the synthetic kit.  But I might suffer even more from the cold whenever I stop.  And if I am writing up the route as I go that is going to be a lot.

What to do?

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