Training Interrupted by Plague of Guinea Pigs

Sorry, slight typo in the title.  Training has actually been interrupted by plague and Guinea Pigs.

Plague has infested the house with everyone dropping like flies.  Youngest son fell asleep on the sofa at 5pm on Friday and only woke up 7am next day.  Totally unknown before.  Everyone else is suffering in one way or another except me.  I seem to be keeping it at bay but I can hardly disappear for a whole day on my bike.

Anyway, the weekend has been taken up organising guinea pigs for number 2 son’s birthday at the end of the month.  Saturday was spent obtaining cages, runs, food, hay, sawdust, bowls and various other accoutrements, including guinea pig snuggles (?).   Today was the trip to get the guinea pigs themselves, amidst great excitement.  The excitement has died down now since the guinea pigs have spent the last few hours hiding in the hay at the back of the cage.  I’m sure they’ll stick their noses out some when, most likely when we’ve all gone to bed – the dogs will probably let us know by barking the house down.

So, no training.  But, having missed a lot of sleep in the last week or two with youngest son suffering first from conjunctivitis and then tonsillitis I had a long lie in this morning in place of training.  That will have to do.

I’m planning a 160 mile ride for next weekend but I think that might be the only opportunity left, unless I can squeeze another ride out of somewhere.

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