Route All Sorted

I’ve been through the route and corrected the most obvious errors. I’ve created it as 8 separate days each leading from and to the relevant B&Bs. The routes are all printed on crib sheets to be attached to the bike and converted to gpx files for the sat nav.

On route I hope to have time to enhance the crib sheets with obvious pointers at each instruction, such as signage, for other people to use. The trouble is, there are a lot of instructions. For instance, day 2 has over 180 separate turns! Even if I only spend 1 minute at each (allowing time to stop, get out a notepad, write a note, put the notepad away and accelerate back up to speed) that will be 3 hours stopped. And I have to cycle 127 miles that day.

I think I might be cycling in the dark a lot…

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