Riding a Bike is Cheaper Than This!

This car had been sat in the public car park next to our office for a few weeks now.  The local traffic warden is clearly keen to teach the driver a well-deserved lesson for not paying for parking by plastering his windscreen with so many tickets that they won’t be able to drive off even if they do ever turn up.

I wonder at what stage the rather officious official will start to think a bit more laterally and check whether the car has been reported stolen.  Or perhaps lost?  Maybe the owner got so smashed that they forgot where they parked their car.  Or even which town they were in.

Maybe they are lying in a coma in hospital somewhere.

Perhaps they are dead?

Come to think of it I didn’t look through the windows (although, in fairness, it was difficult with all the stickers in the way).  Perhaps the owner went for a nap on the back seat and had a heart attack or a brain haemorrhage or something!  No, I’m sure I would have noticed the stench of decay; it has been there a few weeks.

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