Reflections on Day Three

It was an incredibly long day for Roy yesterday, with the final call coming through at 21.51.  Delays were caused by the detour in the morning adding on 10 miles combined with rough terrain on the tow paths slowing down his average speed.

The last tow path was the worst of all with just grass and an overgrown strip of mud.  It was 8 miles in the dark, barely faster than walking.  It went on and on, but he enjoyed it.  It’s Roy’s great adventure – a good day but really long.

He is enjoying it so much more than the last time which became a mission just to get the miles in. There is so much contrast and he is really enjoying going along the canals and recognising places we have been before.  But he does feel that he has been looking at the leaves so closely, he has not even seen the trees let alone the woods.  Half the time he doesn’t know where he is.

The canal paths are generally pretty good except the last one. All the others have been designated as cycle paths, the last one wasn’t.

He does believe he had the best breakfast today for as long as he can remember – bacon, sausage, black pudding, eggs, toast, beans, decaff coffee, loads of orange juice and all exceptionally well cooked. So a BIG thank you to Cypress House Bed & Breakfast in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire.   (  A big thumbs up from Roy!

Day Four is a similar length and he is keen not to finish so late.  So breakfast is booked for 7 with a plan to be on the road by 8.

Details of the journey to follow…

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