Bannock Burn Inn

Stafford Street

01431 821461

Bannock Burn Inn ExteriorThe penultimate stay on my son and my tandem cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

Alison, our host, was warm and friendly and, after securing our tandem in an outbuilding, she showed us to our room.  It shared a bathroom and kitchen area but with no one occupying the other room in that wing of the inn it was effectively a private apartment.

Although fairly basic in its furnishing it had everything we needed and more and was very comfortable and warm.  Although June it had been unseasonably cold for the last couple of days and the heating being on was very welcome.  It was helped us to dry our our kit, ready for our final day of cycling.

Bedroom at Bannock Burn Inn

In celebration of the next day being our last, we treated ourselves to dinner in the restaurant, which I can highly recommend.  Despite having cycled over 900 miles in the last two weeks we nearly filled up on the starters they were so generous.  The delicious pizza my son ordered as a main defeated him but was generously accepted by a group of cyclists on another table.  They had just finished their first day of cycling John O’Groats to Land’s End so they probably need it more than he did, although not being able to eat it is a regret he holds to this day.

Bannock Burn Inn Food