Peace of Mind for Loved Ones

Whenever I am out on my bike my wife worries.  To keep her mind at rest I try to text or call home at least every two hours.  Of course, that in itself can lead to anxiety because if I forget to call then she inevitably assumes the worst.

This little device may be the thing I need.

Here’s the blurb:

The ICEdot is a small yellow pod that offers peace of mind to loved ones, letting them know if something has happened when you may not be able to. Using an accelerometer, gyroscope, and a low energy Bluetooth connection to a smartphone; the ICEdot uses a proprietary algorithm to detect an impact.  [Yeah I know, the point is – it can detect a crash]. The USB rechargeable crash sensor easily mounts to the back of any helmet with just a few zip-ties, or included industrial strength double-side tape.

When the sensor detects an impact, it triggers an emergency countdown in the ICEdot app. If the countdown is not turned off before it reaches zero, the app promptly sends out a text message – to up to 10 predetermined emergency contacts – informing them there has been an incident, and its location, via a Google Maps link.

An added bonus is a ‘Track Location’ feature. The associated smartphone app used to manage the emergency call system can track your whole ride and post it live to your ICEdot profile. That means your loved ones can ‘see’ where you are at any time.  The downside is that your ‘3 hour ride’ down the pub might soon be discovered.

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