Lightweight Bike?

My bike is not the world’s lightest bike.  Neither is it the heaviest.  Or at least I thought not.

I rode it into work fully loaded this morning.  That was a shock to the system.  It now tips 20kg on the scales without water bottles.  Now, I know that’s not much compared to those who camp on the way but on my last trip the whole bike with kit weighed in at about 14 kg.  That was a lighter bike but I don’t know where the extra weight has crept in.

And talking about extra weight creeping in, I am about 8kg heavier than when I rode JOGLE 🙂

So that’s about an extra 14kgs to be lugging across the country.

Oh well, it’s only really factor on the uphills.  So at least half of the journey should be ok…

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