Iconic Climb on A9 Due to Change

The steep hairpin climb at Berriedale Braes on the A9 is the last really major effort that those heading north have to face before John O’Groats.  Its hairpin bend and then relentless slog up past the cemetery will be indelibly burnt into the memory of anyone who has completed the route.  But it looks like that might all change.

It appears that the hairpin bend causes more problems for trucks than cyclists and a new route has been proposed.  You will note that the new route (see below) is slightly longer but consequently might help to take the sting out of the climb.

When the changes will take place is unclear and the local authority has been accused of dragging its heels over the plan.

Incidentally, when I last cycled through in 2014 there were traffic lights before the hairpin, which were a complete pain.

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