And he’s off! (I think I said that last time…deja vu?)

Day 1 – Land’s End to Torrington (183 km, 114 miles)

Morning bloggers, here we go again…. my temporary stewardship of the blog based on Roy’s texts and calls with some added commentary from me. Hope you all enjoy the ride! See what I did there?

Roy arrived safely and dry in Lands End last night and is now ready to go.  Unfortunately, breakfast is only served at 8.30 which he has managed to bring forward to 8.15 to go in with a coach party.

Roy at the Start

7.23 Up and champing at the bit. Frustrated that breakfast 45 minutes away.  Didn’t sleep brilliantly – too much noise.  Someone got up at 3.20 and turned all the bathroom fans on for half an hour! Tempted to just go and save an hour but not sure anyone will be around to unlock the garage for my bike….

7.37 Bored. Watching the news.  Already on the second loop of nothing much happening.

Cornish Flag

8.34 I’m off!  (Won’t tell him it’s raining in Ivybridge….)

St Michael’s Mount

12:44 4 hours in and about 44 miles so going well.  The sun has shone all day.  Need to top up on liquid.  Might be last shop before JOG ????  (I’m sure there are plenty of shops between here and JOG so must by typo.)

Funny Looking Sheep

13:15 (Telephone call) 50 miles in.  Lost time in the last hour.  Ave 10 mph.  Strong tail wind. Don’t feel as strong as last time but beetling along nicely.  I’m stopped in a tiny lane but there are loads of cars.  I’ve just cycled over the bridge at the Lappa Railway near Bodmin.  It turns out that the “coach party” Roy gate crashed this morning for breakfast wasn’t a coach party at all but a group of 6 cyclists who have bought and read Roy’s book and about to start their own LEJOG over the next 15 days.  They have new bikes, no baggage and supported by a Land Rover. It must be a very pleasant way of doing it.

17.34 DEVON – 99 miles – 9 hours

18.57 At end. Will call when settled.

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