Half Way and off to Scotland

Wednesday, 2nd October, Day Five, Cockerham to Lockerbie

Roy is now half way and just enjoyed his last night in England.  Scotland here we come!

07:47 I’m feeling lonely. (So am I…). Next 3 days look v wet.  Setting off in 10 minutes.  Had trouble forcing down breakfast today!

09:54 Cumbria.  Nr 20 miles.  Cold wet and windy – Cumbria as we remember it!

11:02 In Kendal.  30 miles.  Legs tired.  Normally kick in after 50 though.

I worked out that he is still only doing 10 miles per hour (clever girl me) which I thought had been due to the terrain.  (Usually he averages 15 miles or so, unless I’m on completely another planet.)  So, I asked him if it was the hills slowing him down.  Here is the reply.  (And no, I’m not going to tell you what LMFAO means – you’ll have to Google it for yourself.  It’s rude!)

12:24 No it’s the legs LMFAO. 65km A6 top of Shap Hill. 422 m. Frosty breath up here.  Having a celebratory wee (that came up last time, remember?  Farm gates, fields….  If you’re a pro, you can do it on the move…) and putting on wind jacket for descent.  (Again, a pro can also do this on the move.  Pah!)

View from climb to Shap on A6

12:35 Laughing my f arse off! (There we go, Roy saved you a job!) In bizarre mix up at bb seem to have put the wrong legs on. This pair must belong to someone much older.  Hang on, I’ll check.  No, they are mine.  Label says size medium, age 46.  (Make sure you tuck the label back in Roy.)

13:49 Phone call Now at Morrisons, Penrithjust past last English battlefield. Went off route, stayed on A6 but found Morrisons.  Topped up on water and batteries for lights.  Using those more than I thought.  Raining when I left, but not now.  Tomorrow is meant to be a downpour over the whole country.  (Is it?  Can’t say I’m watching the weather…) Now at 92 km – that’s 57 miles out of 111 miles.  Only seem to be averaging 10 miles per hour no matter what I do or what terrain.  It’s the stopping – I keep stopping to take notes.  I’ve found the further you go, the more you forget. (Funny that!)  Oh, don’t forget to add “FMFAO on top of Shap.” (Sorry, you are going to have to Google that one!)

I’ve just had a wee in the middle of a roundabout. (See, we’re on to that topic again….) On the fast roads there’s no where to stop for a wee.  I feel a bit wary of busy junctions now, so I tend to come off and walk across them, waiting at traffic lights, rather than blatting through.  I came across this big roundabout that had a wooded enchanted glade, so I took advantage of it.  (So, farm gates, fields and now, it seems, roundabouts. Oh dear…)  But best get on, this is adding to my 10 miles per hour!  (Yes, it is, isn’t it?)

16:02 Carlisle 80 miles

17:59 Averaging just under 10 mph all day.  Well, in yr face ‘less than 10 mph’! 100 miles in 9 hrs 57 mins.  Ha! Of course, just lost 5 minutes sending this 🙁  Raining now.  Hiding under road brg to send this.

19:22 In and safe.  Stopped in Lockerbie for fish and chips.  Feeling full..

21:04 Signal keeps going.  Rain jacket has worked well.  Rainlegs (like chaps wear for riding) have proved very useful in keeping thigh muscles warm in the wet. Probably going to get fully tested tomorrow though. Nearly all road now.

21:05  Sat in wet kit after washing it.  Using body heat to get out moisture.  No heating.  Mind you, probably won’t make any difference for tomorrow.  Not too bad today – only got rained on at the beginning and the end.

21:06 I forgot to say Albert blasted out pooper poo poo poo in the middle of the restaurant last night.  Once he gets going you can’t switch him off, getting louder and louder.  Still, raised a chuckle from the couple on the table next to me. (That’s a bit like being at home!  I probably need to explain that like all boys and especially with two older brothers, Albert has a fascination with singing songs and telling stories that involve pooh – very handily changing the words to suit.  Well Roy has recorded one such episode on his phone as his alert for texts.  Maybe not such a good idea in public places, but at least you feel home from home!) 

After several attempts to call but repeatedly being cut off

21:09 I think we are just going to have to say goodnight.  Love you.  (And I love you too…)

Roy is now is Scotland.

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