Getting nervous before the start

Well it’s lunchtime and I set off from the office on my bike to the railway station in about an hour or so.

Getting nervous and starting to come to the realisation that it is actually quite a long way. And whilst I have probably done 8 100+ mile cycles this year they weren’t all one day after the other. And I was a bit tired at the end of every one of them.

What have I forgotten?  Well the bike’s here so that’s the main thing. Everything else is just extras. But I’m glad I’m not at home because I think I would be adding all sorts of extras to my bag.

Got my train ticket?! Yes.  Argh! What about my driving license for ID to get on the plane back home…? Yes.  Flight details? Route sheets? Yes, yes! Last time you forgot to load the gpx files onto your sat nav – have you done that? Yes! Bike reservation ticket attached to bike for the train? Yes!! Lights? Chargers? Toothbrush? Turned the gas off? Yes, yes, yes, YES!!! Just shut up head!

I’ll be fine once I’m under way. Although I don’t like travelling, it makes me anxious.

I’ll be fine once I’m pedalling away from the sign post in Lands End.

Right – toodle pip!

The next voice you hear will be Jocelyn’s.

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