Final Preparations

This weekend was my last chance for some training.  But then I thought, it’s all pretty pointless now.  Cycling a few miles this weekend isn’t going to help in the long run cycle.  I’ll just have to take it at a plod in the first couple of days.  The only problem is the first two days are the hardest!  Still, it will be easier after that, right?

Anyway, no time for cycling really: I’ve got to get everything ready for the off and this weekend is the only time to do it.

This morning I put my bike on the maintenance stand and debated whether or not to fiddle with the gears that are slipping just very occasionally.   I pumped up the tyres and oiled everything instead, figuring that if I started finagling then I would be there all day and the gears would be worse at the end, probably needing to go into the bike shop for various spare parts.  On my last LEJOG in October I was having to shift up 2 and down 1 to go up 1 most of the way and it did me no harm.  I decided not to change the tyres to thicker, bullet proof schwelbe marathons as I did last time and stuck to my Mavic Askium slicks (23mm) to see if they could withstand the canal paths etc. and prove the route can be ridden on a true road bike set up.  We will see if that was a good idea or not.

I have just been packing parcels ready to send to the B&Bs on route.  Each one contains a pot noodle (or similar) 18 cereal bars, protein recovery powder and energy powder for making up drinks.  All a boy needs to keep him going.  That and whatever I can find to eat along the way.

I’m now off to gather all my kit and see if I can cram it in my bag…

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