Fantastic Day

Day 7 Continued…

Ruthven Barracks, guarding the Cairngorms – or at least they did.

18:09 Aviemore.  105 miles.  Think Sat Naff might be right and still 17 to go.  Looking at map in town might be uphill! Last stretch through the glen was fantastic.

18:40 Sat Naff right.  Still 13 miles to go.  Can you phone to say I might be there until about 8?

I did call, only to be told, “We usually close our doors at 19:30”.  I said I was very sorry but Roy was cycling and had a puncture which had delayed him.  “I’ll turn the oven off then.”  Needless to say Roy was charming when he arrived and enjoyed a chicken and chorizo stew with mash followed by chocolate fondant pudding with ice cream and cream.  Delicious!  Mind you, he did not have time to change, so the extra clothes he had posted to wear at dinner are now a wasted 1 kg to carry on the last day.  (Mind you the delicious stew and pudding must be adding some weight…)

Autumn has crept in as I’ve pedalled nothward

19:26 Slochd summit 405 m 119 miles 5 to go (I hope I have spelt that right.)

Yep. Spelt correctly.

20:01 Just got in.  Talk later

We did talk later.  Roy had a fantastic day – consistently good scenery, but not photogenic.  Could not capture it on camera.  Was an extra 15 miles, 199 km.  Looking at route it did say 194.5 km (126 miles) so error in calculation somewhere.

He has arranged for B&B to leave out breakfast as he plans an early day tomorrow.  Wants to be on the road by 07:00.  Well done that man!  And good luck on your last day.

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