Devon Hills, lack of shops and dodgy route directions (not the Sat Nav though…)

Day Two, Zeal Monochorum to Frampton on Severn, 127m

The journey continues….

6:56 I’m up. Getting ready for breakfast.  Today may be the toughest day of all.  Might not get in til quite late if the route checking takes too long.  Legs feel a bit tired.  Have to wait and see how they are on the bike!

7:40 Windy but dry also.  Eaten too much.  Setting off in about 10 so an hour later than yesterday.  Might get in quite late…

Haybale time of year.  And muck spreading!

There now follows a gap where Roy lost time due to poor road conditions on the lanes due to rain and slurry – those Somerset farmers were working their fields.  By lunchtime, Roy had only reached Taunton (one third of the way) and desperately needed to make up time.  He had also run dry for over half an hour where there was a distinct lack of shops to top up water bottles.  Tesco’s in Taunton came to his rescue but Roy was relieved to leave town – he spotted a number of thuggish type characters…  Not the sort of thing you expect to meet in a charming market town (though the one way system is a bugger!)  The theme continues….

Swans on the canal.  They look nice…

17.24 I have abandoned route sheets to save time.  Can see the m5 from here where it is split level before Bristol.

17:48  Please call B&B to say I’ll be late.  Likely only in by 9.  Guess where I am?  I am cycling around a security fence surrounding 100s of cars. (There’s a tin of baked beans in it for anyone who can guess it right…)

20:33 I’m here.  Call later

So, the main theme today seemed to be the hills of Devon – he met a 20% hill within 100m of setting out – a lack of shops – thank goodness for Tesco’s in Taunton – and the route directions going wrong – it missed out a couple of junctions. Even with the Sat Nav, he got lost two times – taking his eye off the ball and being tired.

But the route is really good taking in canal paths and disused railways.  He had forgotten how flat Somerset was.  There are ridges and hills, but the route is contouring round them.  And to top it off, a wonderful ham and chicken pie greeted him (thanks Jan).

And on to Day Three…

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