Day Two, Torrington to Olveston, 206 km, 128 miles

07:11 Crap night, didn’t sleep well.  Up at 5:00.  Church bell tolls the hours and I heard every one except 1 and 2.  Just hanging around waiting for breakfast.  128 miles today.  If like last time will get in around 9 pm

The accommodation doesn’t seem to be working this time with two poor night’s sleep.  Also the room was not en suite with the bathroom through the bar – tricky when you only have the clothes you cycle in and just washed them in readiness for the next day.  Don’t know what he will do when he needs a wee before bed time.  Not even a tap in the room so unable to fill bottles.

07:18 At least once I’m through the first 50 miles or so it is all flat.  Your day gets hillier towards the end…

07:41 Having breakfast.  This time in hidden restaurant. Much niceugh it hasnt – new sunglases!  (Like me, you’ll need to translate that last bit.  Any suggestions welome!  I have no idea what he is going on about.)

07:50 I didn’t type nichuug, have no idea what that was.  I typed ‘ Much nicer with view over garden with pond. They just need to sort ensuite.’  Excellent breakfast.

08:09 I’m off. Into the wind.

09:08 Beaford

10:10 (Voice message) 2 hours in.  Not sure where I am.  20  miles in, thought I would be in Tiverton but just seen sign saying Tiverton 14 miles, so hopefully my calculation is correct and I have not just added 14 miles to my journey.

10:43 In Nomansland – literal and metaphoric

11.23 (Voice message) In Tiverton.  Done 30 odd miles…just checking…37 miles.  Going along quite nicely, should be relatively flat from here on

13.03 (Phone call) I’ve just hit the canal path and fixed my first puncture. Hope my tyres are up to it and not a sign of things to come.  Rear tyre is quite worn.  Mind you, think I probably got puncture from road – all been very gritty up to now.  Might need to find a cycle shop en route to change tyres.

15:00 On Grand Union canal path, 10.7 km from Taunton 68 miles in. Half way. Eta at B&B 10 pm

Don’t be Fooled – Even the Little Ones are Vicious Buggers

16.10 Sedgey, sedgey, sedgey, sedgey sedgey sedgey, sedgey.  (Our little ditty for King Sedgmoor’s Drain)

17:14 94 miles.  A38 AVOIDANCE route Excellent but still 3 miles or so A38.  Now on strawberry line

17:40 100 miles

Anyone for a House Under the Motorway

18:31 107 miles.  Just stopped at garage and used their tap to sort of clean think mud from my legs and bike.  Feet now waterlogged.

Wind Mill Reflected in Puddle

19:03 Everywhere very wet.  Have another fine coating of mud now.  At car import place 112 miles

19:08 Trying to take photo of all the cars for book

20:53 Am in.  Bike washed and oiled.  Will call once showered.

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