Day Six, Moffat to Dunkeld, 189 km, 112 miles

07:53 Fell asleep reading last night.  Kit still damp.  Might get wet today anyway by looks of it.  Tomorrow looks like a downpour all day at the moment.  Still, tomorrow is tomorrow.  At least it might bring the pollen count down.  Really suffering from hayfever.  Eyes puffy and itchy.

08:15 The national forecast is very annoying banging on about scorchio and how Brazilian the weather is.  Not up here mate!  Although not raining to start.  Struggling through breakfast.

08:36 Just setting off.  Chilly

08:44 Good luck you too.  Moffat toffee in the bag, literally.

10:25 Twenty miles. Abington

11:08 Thankerton 30 miles

11:51 Carnwath 37 miles

12:00 Passed sign to Biggar.  Wonder if it has a sister town called Betta

12:01 Shops like buses.  None for 3 hours then 3 in one town

12:39 This time the relentless up and down south of Edinburgh is killing me.  Legs have no juice.  25 miles.  Woolfords.  4 terraces of cottages all in a line along one side of the road in the middle of nowhere.  What’s that all about?

Woolfords was built to house the mineworkers for the coal, lime and shale mines
, Tarbrax and Baads Mill

15:01 Forth Road Bridge trying to take photos.  So bumpy!! 68 miles13:43 Livingstone.  Reroute working well through here so far. 56 miles

Forth Road and Rail Bridges

16:50 Kinross.  86 miles.  Slowly dying.
16:11 Climbing all the bloody hills after the Forth Road Bridge.  Going thru forest.  Think downhill and flat then til Kinross.  Can’t remember after that. 79 mile but sat nav still says 40 to go.

18:15 Sat Nav driving me crazy pausing and auto resuming.  Can’t switch the auto off.  100 miles I think.  Going to reset and try again.  Think still have 18 to go.

19:00 Think resetting it and starting course again has done the trick.  Now done 7 miles.  Lol.  Hopefully this will be my last pit stop.

19:02 Interesting sign in luncarty – children please drive carefully.  I would hope they weren’t driving at all.  But it is very rural so who knows?

View Over Lake a Few Miles Short of Dunkeld
Dunkeld Cathedral

20:13 Here.  Spent a few minutes trying to get into cathedral but shut.  I’m 4 floors up.  Not what my legs needed! Not ensuite.  Shower 2 floors down.

Room in the Roof – Top Middle of Picture

20:18 No probs getting stuff dry I hope – it’s baking in here.  Going for shower now…

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