Day Four, Stafford to Condor Green, 194 km, 120 miles (theoretically…)

To fill you in on the details, Roy sustained 3 punctures late yesterday afternoon/early evening stranding him north of Kidderminster.  I located where he was on Google and then found and booked a hotel about 7 or 8 miles away from where he stopped.  They very kindly offered to give Roy a lift but he declined, saying he was “managing”.  He must have gerry-rigged up some sort of repair. I still don’t know how.

His tyre was completely ripped and the side walls now damaged where he needed to cycle on it to get off the fast road.  3 punctures in around 2 hours is hard going.  Roy thought he was getting them on the canal path, so swapped to the road, where he picked up the next two within 10 minutes of each other.

Unfortunately, I needed to cancel his accommodation booked for that night as it was 30 miles on and out of reach.  Hopefully, Roy can drop in today if/when he passes to collect his parcel.

I also found details of a cycle shop in Wombourne as luck would have it, on his route, only 4.9 miles away and texted Roy.  The next problem was how was Roy going to make up the time being about 30 miles out?  And allow time to fix the bike?  Day 4 was definitely going to be a long one.

So, on we go…..

08:54 Bike shop in Wombourne only open in 10.  Heading to Wolverhampton.  If you can could you google a bike shop and text post code.

Found Fred Williams Cycles (amongst many I found) who are changing tyres and inner tubes.  Roy will buy up big stock of inner tubes.  His plan is to enter the post code of his start point for Day 4 and get there as quickly as possible on fast roads.

I have called ahead to Stork Inn to say that Roy is likely to arrive after 11 and is that a problem?  No, just call at 10 to say how far out he is.

(10:20 Bike ready.  set off again…..)

10:54 24 miles so far today. Heath Hayes and Wimblebury.  15 miles to start.

12:16 (Phone call) At Stafford, at start point.  Picked up parcel.  Now back on route.  Will go as quickly as I can and see how I get on.  120 miles.  Eta midnight.  Did A6 last time and agree with Chris – wide, safe and tail wind, so may pick that up if necessary.  Will call The Stork at 10.  Chappie from hotel last night said he would have come to fetch me but his wife was out.

13:52 Stoke at Morrisons.  60 miles, 20 for today’s route

14:41 Left bike shop at 10:20.  Tyres vittoria randonneur.  £25 each. 4 tubes £5 each. Schwelbe marathons would have been £35 each (and heavier).  No probs so far.  Biddulph valley railway line.  69 miles

16:35 Kenworthy Woods. 94 miles.  54 today’s route

16:37 Absolute downpour for nearly an hour.  Lots of thunder. Soaked

18:31 I abandoned the route due to mud. Not sure a good decision. Now slow due to traffic.

18:57 This route v urban. Been thru Bolton now heading for Blackburn.  Don’t know what road called but a long way east of route.  Just been over a big climb.  Now raining. 119 miles

20:02 135 miles somewhere past Ribchester.  Knackered.

20:48 140 miles 

A6 Broughton

21:57 TA dah!

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