Day Five, Condor Green to Moffat, 201 km, 125 miles

Roy made good time yesterday catching up two hours and getting in just before 10; the reason being that he reduced the amount of stops – only one at the Morrison’s in Stoke and the other in Broughton on the A6.  His stoppage time in total was 2.5 hours but that includes faffing around at the bike shop and numerous traffic light stops on his revised route on fast roads.

He was knackered (understandably) but in very good spirits.  His arms were aching from the stress of cycling on an urban route in rush hour and avoiding drains and rubble on the side of the road.

So, we’re now half way through in time, and just over half the distance.  What does today hold in store?

07:38 Up and showered.  Eating breakfast.

07:47 Feeling tired but that’s inevitable.  Legs not too bad on the stairs.  Have to wait to see how they are on the bike.  Might take a while to warm up.  Hopefully no rain today.  Apparently, Preston centre was flooded yesterday.

08:11 Leaving now. Drained myself without dementors…

08:47 Legs ok.  Lune aqueduct.  6 miles. Hope canal ok.

Lune Aqueduct

09:34 Off canal.  15 miles.  Mostly good tarmac, not too broken.  Last mile mud and grass, not too muddy.

10:19 22 miles Holme.  Had to back track on “extra” canal bit I added because over grown.  Badly stung!  Boo hoo!

10:44 Going ok.  But cassette rattling loose.  Can you see if there is a bike shop in Kendal and text postcode.  If not, I think there is one in Penrith.

11:12 Local put me onto Brucies.  Fixed it in 2 minutes.  At shop just about to leave Kendal.  31 miles.  Stings are a pain but at least my legs feel alive!

12:18 Top of Shap Fell.  41 miles. 422 m up. Much much harder than last time, after yesterday.

View When Climbing Shap

13:13 57 miles Woodland glade in middle of rbt nr Penrith for a wee!

13:21 Co-op in Penrith

14:21 Feeling sleepy.  Have kept off caffeine except for one cup at breakfast every day.  65 miles sat on bench in Skelton.  First time I’ve sat down on any day. Mts in background.  Must start cycling or else going nowhere.

Bench Plaque – I Did Rest and Enjoy – Thanks Rose

15:48 Carlisle Castle 80 miles

Och!  Tis Scotland

17:01 92 miles Gretna.

17:46 100 miles.  Just a quarter of that to do again. Lol. Just grinding out the miles now.

18:09 Climbing the Echlefechan hill.  Not swearing – long drag in Echlefechan.  Birth place of Thomas Carlyle. Statue of him sat on a chair so maybe he is famous for bringing the chair to Scotland?

Thomas Carlyle – Writer

19:47 I’m here.  Text once settled in.

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