Day Eight, Inverness to John O Groats, 200km, 125 miles

08:10 Light rain at start.  Chilly.  I’m off to warm up…

10:08 Forgot to switch phone on! Now in Evanton. 22 miles.  2 hours

11:55 41 miles.  Dornoch Firth.  Total distance 1451 km. Last time was 1400 so done about 25 miles more this time. Very strong wind. Hopefully won’t affect me too much until last 30 miles.

13:19 Just sent a text message to myself! Lol.  Read – Dunrobin Castle Station.

Dunrobin Castle Station

13:49 At the hobbit house having a wee.  63 miles

14:37 Helmsdale.  Joined Saruman’s orcs this time.  Going to storm the wall (of a climb).  Loaded an extra kilo of water on board to assist.  72 miles.

Sensible Sign on A9

17:03 Still in Scotland.  Lybaster.   Straight into wind now.  Really strong.  Must be at least 25 mph. Will be exposed too – wind farm.16:16 I’ve stopped for a break.  87 miles.  Dunbeath (I think)

17:04 Top of climb.  76 miles.  Steeper but shorter climb in about 4 miles.

18:15 105 miles just beyond wind farm.

Camster Cairns – Built Over 5000 Years Ago

19:28 On very looong straight road.  Can see a measured 2 miles behind me and more than that in front.  10 miles to go!18:49  Wind not too bad at mo.  But had to stop because cramps in right thigh.  If necessary I can pedal mostly one legged from here though.  Overdid it into the wind.

Pipes Crossing Path – Can’t Go Under Them,  Can’t Go Through Them – Had to Go Over Them
o Over Them

19:43  Can see orcs in the distance.  Sorry meant Orks.  7 to go.

20:09 One to go…

20:15 Done it!

Ta Dah!

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