Day 2 – London

Today was a much better day for the mental.  I set off much more positively and had a much better day.  The lanes and paths were extremely quiet with barely a car to be seen.  There were a lot of bikes though.  I guess you should expect that on a national cycle route but I have been on others with very few.

Windswept Wheat Fields

 A large club run went by in several batches.  The first group whizzed by, full of young, lean riders, stern of face with no response to my cheery hello.  The composition of the groups became steadily older and chubbier and slower but their responses more joyful as each went by.  The true MAMILS were at the back, serveral minutes behind, having a good chat about their latest super light kit.

There was more off road today but nothing  too bad.  The paths along the river Lee into London were great.  It was hard to believe I was moving through London at all.  The only problem was the mass of humanity using it.  The last 20 miles took FOREVER.

London Cityscape

I have discovered that humans in London are like sheep on Dartmoor: bloody stupid.  If I lived in a place full of lethal dangers I would look before stepping out into the road.

I had trouble navigating in London.  I kept losing the r4 signs and the sat nav kept losing satellites because of the tall buildings and all the interference.  With 500 m to go it froze completely.  The only way to unfreeze it proved to be a factory reset.  The downside was I lost all my routes!  I had to get my wife to email me the routes and then beg computer access from the b&b hosts to download them to the sat nav.  It seems to have worked.  The only one I do not have is the first 10 miles tomorrow to Hampton court.  If I cannot pick up r4 I will have to use the sat nav to route direct to Hampton court.

No WiFi access tonight so this will have to be posted tomorrow:-)

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