Canal Paths

Day Three, Frampton on Severn to Stafford, 100m

Supposedly a shorter, easier day…

07.58 Going 4 breakfast…

08:38 Just eaten enormous breakfast and finding it difficult to move! (We’ve heard that before, but I’m pleased to know that he is starting out the day with a hot meal and calories on board…)  Dry here at present but lots of black clouds looming…

08:42 Received the message below!  Can you go to the URL and change card details, if not I will run out of credit.  (Phone credit was running out and we can’t have a man on the road without a phone.)

Sat Naff directed me down a slipway into the Severn…

and (optiministically?) out the other side.

Note canoe – I diverted.

Just before 10.30, I received a call from Roy to say that the canal path had been marked off by the police with an incident.  He had been diverted to the next bridge but the path was also closed there with no marked diversion.  A BBC camera crew then arrived and Roy discovered that a dead body had been found in the canal.  I thought that sort of thing only happened in the movies.  From the cyclist’s perspective though it was so slow.  He was already 1.5 hours in and had not yet gone 10 miles – and needed to reset the route.  Best get on!

Sneaky photo – not allowed to take pictures

13:00 Found shop in Twyning – north of Tewkesbury.  Going fairly slow. Tired legs.  Hopefully they will kick in this afternoon (It’s a bugger that, isn’t it, cycling when your legs don’t work.  Happens to me all the time…)

15:12 3 miles from Droitwich.  Just left canal we must have followed with your mum and dad on the barge.  Saw a Brookline Barge.

What is life if full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare.

And wee…

16:46 Received message from Roy: “Only me.  On another canal path, don’t know which one.  The route just dumps you in, I don’t have a town or city, but we have been here before.  With the boys when we went to Thomas Land and we went all the way down and turned around by Tescos with a load of shopping trolleys in the canal and headed back. (Are our lives punctuated by Tescos?) I’ve just been up the final lock where we took a picture of the church.  I’ve just retaken it with someone else’s barge.  Plodding along, really plodding.  Hoping to get in  before dark or pretty dusky.  Shocking for 100 miles really, but I’ve done an extra 10 miles.  54 km to go, that’s another 35 miles.”

Been here before – on a barge

19.23 On canal path in the dark.  Don’t want to do a Myles. (Myles, do you want to share that story or shall I?)

Not much to see

but there’s murky water there somewhere!

21:07 Made it.  Call soon

And that was meant to be a good day!

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