To blog or not to blog?

Normally when I set out on a week long tour my wife keeps a blog running for each day.  This year life is just too manic for her to be able to find the time.  Working and looking after three boys on your own is no joke without an extra burden.  It is certainly much harder than being out on the bike all day with nothing to worry about other than pedalling, eating and sleeping.

So, this year I either have to do it myself or not do it at all.

Being a Luddite when it comes to mobile communication I do not have a smart phone or a tablet. Until now.  I have been persuaded to invest in a tablet for the family. This is mainly for my children to play games on but I am now experimenting to see whether I can use it to blog. This is my first blog post using the tablet. I’ve accidentally clicked something on the screen which is now allowing me to speak directly into, or at, the tablet and the words are magically appearing on the screen. Perhaps I should have bought a tablet a long time ago ☺

At the beginning of this post I was sure I would not be blogging. Having found this fantastic feature I am sure I will be able to blog each evening. I am also sure my kids will wish I had never found it

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