Bike Fully Laden and Ready to roll

Now weighing 17.5 kg the steed is ready to go.  I will set off in an hour and a half to cycle the 12 miles to Plymouth Station, trying not to break a sweat before sleeping in the train.  That will be a new experience.  The train leaves just before midnight and gets into Paddington at 05:00.  Not sure how fresh I will be.  I then need to cycle to Liverpool Street and catch a train to Norwich.  I only have five minutes to get the bike off that e train and onto the connector to Lowestoft, so I might miss it.  Equally I am not sure you can take a bike on the train to Lowestoft, so it is possible I might end up cycling an extra 25 miles before the start.

Tomorrow looks sunny but with a strong headwind through flat country.  Might be like climbing all day.

If the technology holds up I hope to post tomorrow to let you know how it went.

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