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Friday, 4th October, Day 7, Kinross to Nr Inverness, 121m

07:46 I’m off in 10.  Trying to get some miles in early today but legs tired. Roads wet but air so far dry.

09:04 Misty today.  Cant see much so playing scrabble.  Have to spot high scoring place names.  Dunzie leading so far.  On no, Wick O’Baiglie would be 24 – I think  (Does anyone want to join in?  Depends whether you can get it over a triple with a double letter score…)

09:05 oh, 21k  3 miles to Perth.  Or Pert on one signpost (Pert _________.  Answers on a post card please.)

09:19 Dog alert

09:20 Ooooo second dog alert

09:21 On share path with dog walkers in Pert.  Losing time texting!  lol

09:21 And I’m getting back on my bike…

10:00 22 miles now in 2 hrs 7 mins so about 10 mph.  Have stopped to take off leg warmers and put on knee brace.

10:24 Found shop so topped up with iron bru (when in Scotland….)

10:35 27 miles in at Waterloo.  Bloody sat naff must have sent me 100s of miles of course!  Knee quite sore.  Taking EXTRA pain relief.  Am I facing my Waterloo?  All sing along now…

Finally meeting my Waterloo, wa wa wa wa ….

(Did you know there are 5 Waterloos listed in my road atlas, 3 of them are in Scotland!  I’ve just found the right one (page 50, G10) Waterloo P & K.  For a panicky moment I thought he really was going the wrong way.  Will be interesting to see which route he goes across the Cairngorms – A9?  That’s the road he finishes on.  I’m sure I should know these things.  A bit worrying that I don’t…)

Nice Lake Somewhere after Waterloo

12:04 (Phone call) Pitlochry.  Just off A9 – lethal, rough road.  Tricky on busy roads – need to look where you put your wheel – gravel, cat’s eyes, drains – need to keep your head always down.  Half the time go over the drains because of a lorry.  Hoping route goes on old A9.

Gradually going upward.  483 m in 45 miles so still 100 m in every 10 miles which is easy compared to Devon, but front loaded.  Started up through forest  – sure it’s beautiful, but too misty to see.

Achieved my top speed – 45 to 46 mph going down a tiny little lane – well paved, steeply  down hill.

Most Impressive Entrance I had to Cycle Through

12:24 Stupid phone (Note the use of the word “stupid”…) Went to send Sarah a text message but cannot find her message to reply to.  Pass on that I have just seen her ideal shop in Pitlochry and that she should Google it – Christmas Emporium.

Why not?  You get fishmongers, right?  Very logical.

13:00 In bridge of tilt.  About 50 miles – 5 hrs! (Guess his average mph?  No prizes though!) Light rain of gravel.  Lady at local store hurling it at crows.  She was apologetic though…

I asked if she had a moustache…

14:24 No moustache!  Just had a puncture (What the lady?). Lots 20 mins fixing. (Oh the bike.  At least I hope it’s the bike…)  Tyre looks a bit damaged.  (Are we back to the lady now….)  Hope I don’t get another before reaching a bike shop or will get worried.

14:24 Roy found a text he didn’t send when he entered Scotland yesterday… Och da nay fash yaseelf.  Tis Scotland dint ya no… (That’s Scottish or rather Roy’s impression of it.  Stick to the cycling, Roy…)

14:25 (Phone call)  Seen sign that reads “Extreme weather conditions.  No food or shelter for 30 km”.  So I turned back for water.  First house no one home.  Found 2nd house where quite a few cyclists stop apparently. Non practising solicitor like me.

15:31 70 miles.  Top of the Bitchin Pass. Don’t think that’s its real name though. Drumochter Summit 462m.  Although sat naff says 459 so they might be bigging it up.

16:42 I’m in Newtonmore.  Just getting a monster energy drink.  87 miles.  Made up a lot of time since top of pass.  Should have 24 miles to go but sat naff reckons 35.  I hope it’s wrong.

Horny Scot

(I see that Roy has resorted to the Sat Naff term, but I can’t see that it has put a foot wrong.  Well except yesterday perhaps when it lost its satellite connection in Edinburgh, but then everyone has their off days.)

Editor’s note – I’m going to sign off now as I am working tonight, but will finish Day 7 tomorrow.  Good  night folks….

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