And Now for Something Completely Different 2

I have recently published two children’s books, spurred on by my own son’s reluctance to read.

Tyger Pants

Tyger Pants 1 Cover Tyger Pants 2 Cover

It’s National Take Your Kids to Work Day and Tyger Pants, a typical 9 year old boy, should be looking forward to a day off school. But unfortunately his dad isn’t a cool fire fighter and his mum isn’t a policewoman. His dad’s a librarian – DULL! 

Dull that is until his dad is called away to an emergency meeting, leaving his uncharacteristically cool iRate3 phone lying on the desk. Tyger can’t help but fiddle… 

But the phone is really a top secret Library Service Editor and before Tyger knows what’s happening he’s cast into a terrifying fantasy world of werewolves, dragons and spell casting armadillos. Cretin the Cruel and his Werebeast Army are about to invade and, if he ever wants to get home again, it’s up to Tyger to stop them.

Ruff and Tumble

Ruff and Tumble 1 CoverRuff and Tumble 2 Cover

Ruff and Tumble are dogs with jobs – Pack Protectors. It’s a vital role when there’s a Goblin Horde at the back gate!

As Pack Protectors Ruff and Tumbles’ have to keep invaders out of the Packlands. It’s normally an easy job but according to Ruff, there’s a Goblin Horde, poised to tear down the back gate. This time barking a lot isn’t going to work…

Ruff and Tumble is illustrated throughout to help younger readers into the story and get them engaged in reading. The themes are kept simple, as is the humour.

You can read a sample of the content by clicking on the cover picture of the relevant book. This will take you to the Amazon product page. Then just click on the cover image on that page and you will get to ‘Look Inside’.

Both books are available as paperbacks at Amazon.  They are available for free download if you have Kindle Unlimited.

If you would like to try free pdf copies of the books please contact me at

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