And he’s off!

Day One – Lands End to Zeal Monochorum (128 miles)

Well, I said there would be a next time, and here we are again.  Only this time going from Land’s End to John O’ Groats and before anyone else says it – uphill!  And all because this man has something to prove to himself for not completing LEL after being hit by a lorry (who for all we know is still denying it…).

I mean some people (normal people) think Roy accomplished the challenge just by starting!  Stupid husband! (In our family (including the dogs) stupid means anything that gets in the way and doesn’t behave as it ought to, like horses, chairs, bean bags and yes, sorry to say it, now husbands.  You can see the pattern.)  But Roy is Roy and I am frustratingly proud of him and willing him safely home.

Right before we need to invest in a box tissues and any violinists appear,  let’s get bloke-ish and look at some stats for this challenge.

8 days

1507.2 km

758 directions

Ave distance: 188.4 km/day

Shortest day: Day 6, 160.2 km

Longest day: Day 8, 221.6 km

Most complicated day: Day 2, 163 directions

Money raised to date: 17 donations worth £266.78 (thanks to everyone who is supporting this adventure.)

Don’t you just love it when the directions says “Start: Land’s End signpost.  End: John O’ Groats signpost”?

So without further ado, let’s get on to Day One – 203.9 km, Land’s End to Zeal Monochorum 

(Page 5, N10 on my map.  Oh, by the way, you will discover some places you never knew existed on this route.  In dedication to all cyclists who take their lives in their hands – and some very sadly with tragic consequences – Roy has concocted this route courtesy of Google’s suggestion for a cyclist friendly journey using lanes, back roads, canal paths, service lanes…  Let’s hope Roy ends up where he needs to be.  That in itself will be a challenge.)

At the start post.  Pic taken the evening before – would be dark at start.

As you can see the light shines out of my…

Saturday 28/9/13

06:39 – Had breakfast. Off in 5 minutes or so.

11:10 Phone call – 40 miles in, roughly around one third in.  Shoulder starting to hurt but possibly due to stress of being on A30 (I thought he said he was on quiet roads on lanes.  Well apparently there aren’t any in the first part of Cornwall…) Windy but sheltered in lanes.  Slept well with no one bashing him or poking him (no read on…) in the ribs.  (At this point I should explain that our youngest son has taken to being scared of the dark and comes into our bed most nights, any time after midnight.  Has anyone got any tips how we get over this?) Stopping to take notes is taking some time but route is working.  Sat Nav has not taken a step wrong. (Oh hello, I can see we’re entering this love/hate relationship again with the Sat Nav/Naff (delete as appropriate).

St Michael’s Mount Nr Penzance.

13:21 Somehow, between route map and sat nav, went wrong. Back on track now.  Camel Trail (Ah, there we go, Sat Naff revealing true colours early on…)

Mushrooms on the Camel Trail – Didn’t see any camels

16:49 DEVON!! Shop found. 158 km

18.21 Nr Hatherleigh Eta 8

20:15 I’m here.  Will call once settled.

20:45 Phone call – Parcels arrived, but not enough food.  Will need to remember to top up on food as we go – there’s room in the bag.  (Note: postage costs prohibited the optimum amount of food to be sent.) Washed kit and drying on radiator.  Shoulder not too bad. Sore on fast roads probably due to tension, gripping the handle bars. Went wrong a couple of times but route worked pretty well.  Really quiet lanes, not as hilly as thought.  Handful of 10% climbs. (Ok, pretty flat then…) A lot on national cycle routes but only saw three cyclists.  (Roy, it was a wet and windy day, not a great day for cycling, not a day you would choose to be out on, unless of course you’re doing a cycle from Land’s End to John O’ Groats. Oh which you are, of course!). Kept dry though very wet on road in places. Must have kept missing the rain, a bit like last time.  (Lucky boy!)

Most welcoming B&B with my stuff littered about.

And that pretty much sums it up for today.  Till next time….

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