8 Year Sentence Too Little

In the last few days the lorry driver who mowed down two cyclists last year on the A30 was sentenced to 8 years for dangerous driving.

Click for link to the full story.

When I first heard the news, 3rd hand, I thought the sentence reasonable because, although he had killed two people and devastated two families it was a mistake, an error of judgement.  But then I read the article and changed my mind.

The driver fell asleep at the wheel.  OK, many of us have made a poor judgement and driven perhaps when we were too tired or distracted to do so.  Perhaps we have felt our eyes shutting and realised that it is just plain stupid and stop.  We learn from that and don’t do it again.

Now this guy had the biggest wake up call you could imagine, causing two deaths.  You would think after that he would be extremely careful.  But no.  10 weeks later he caused another accident , nearly killing a third person, in almost the same circumstances.

According to his legal representative he feels genuine remorse.  Bollocks!  As I tell my kids, “Sorry means I won’t do it again.”  I think the only thing he is sorry about is the fact that he is now banged up.  For far too short a time.

OK rant over…

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