Bike Loaded and Ready to Go…

…but am I?

Just want to get going now.  Before exam feelings threatening to ruin the next 36 hours.

I have kept the kit to a minimum and have only added about 6/7 kg to the bike, including the bags.  Of course I’ve added about 5 kg to me since my last LEJOG in October so overall I am going to be carrying more.  Maybe I’ll lose some weight on the way?  Didn’t last time – put a kilo on – got to keep eating 🙂

The tri bag on my cross bar hold my phone, wallet and camera for easy access.  There is an external battery strapped to my stem to boost the sat nav.  The bag mainly contains toiletries, clothes, spare food, inner tubes (x4 and sticking with the lighter tyres) tools, charging kit and various creams.

Maybe I should have washed the bike?  But then, what’s the point?  It will get muddy in the rain on the way to work tomorrow.

Arrgh!! Bloody Puncture

Now that may seem a bit dramatic.  It’s just a puncture on the way to work.  Rolling over strewn grit by some roadworks and phtzzzzz.   No biggie, just an annoyance.

Trouble is I had decided to leave my lightweight Askium tyres on the bike for LEJOG rather than re-shoe with Schwelbe Marathons as I did for the last trip.  This was to save weight in that all important wheel rim area and to prove that the route is passable on a genuine lightweight road set up.  But there’s quite a bit of grit on my route.

Now the demon is ranting in my ear…

Packing the Bag

Today I have tried to track down all my kit ready for packing in the bag.  I have most of it but am still waiting for sunglasses (prescription sunglasses bodged twice already by optician who, for legal reason, will remain nameless – you wear them on your feet though) and cycling top.  I am having one printed with the cover of the books I write for children on it – have to promote at every opportunity:)

Next job is to get it all in the bag…